Brexit – Three Months On

So, as the first article on this site I feel it appropriate to jump back in time to that fateful day, the day the four horsemen of the apocalypse were prophesised to lead their steeds out of the stable of the stars and bear down on us with righteous abandon. Of course there lies the issue, they must have taken a wrong turn, as they certainly haven’t arrived.

Maybe their TomTom will recalculate their route and Armageddon will occur later. Or, just maybe, the prophesy was incorrect. I’m inclined to go with the latter.

This doesn’t stop certain individuals interpreting every piece of news as if it were the fallout of Brexit, heralding the end of days.

If I may provide an example:-


Many of you may note that since the 27th June the rate of house price increase for the UK levels out somewhat to the end of July, being the last point official data is available.

Many would hasten to blame Brexit for this. Could it not in fact be more to do with:

  1.  A 3% Stamp Duty levy being chargeable on buy to let properties since April, causing an flux of purchases in January-March, followed by an inevitable drop off.
  2. The proposed change in tax law affecting landlords so that they cannot offset mortgage payments against their tax liability, stemming demand for buy to let investments as a safe haven investment strategy.
  3. The fact that the market generally slows in the summer as a result of summer holidays.

Since Brexit you will see that the media has the political landscape in its cross hairs, and this will remain the case in the near term. This creates uncertainly and ultimately self fulfilling prophesies of negative market sentiment.

This blog represents my opinions on how we can navigate this uncertainty and reap the benefits of others’ failure to act. I will be providing details of how I’m investing and the success or failure that attributable to my actions. My objective, to maintain a 15% portfolio year on year through increases in the value of companies I support, and through dividends received.At the same time I will be providing analysis of companies that I consider should be embraced or avoided, whether or not they are part of my portfolio.

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