The Portfolio – 9 months on


On the 27th September I wrote my first post ‘here’. In said post I stated my aim was to achieve a return on investment of 15% through both dividends and capital increases. 8 months on and whilst the site has been dormant for some of that time, the portfolio has not been. The 15% target has now been hit.



Share Target Prices 

From September to November I gave target prices on four different shares, and research notes on several others. I’m pleased to note that all stocks have closed the gap between the initial price and my target price, with two companies being within 5% of the targeted price.



Share:                   Target price                        Current Price                     Success to within a 5% margin

HSBC:                                  £6.50                                                 £6.67                                                           Yes

Shell                                   £24.80                                               £21.80                                                          No

Easyjet                                £12.50                                               £12.03                                                         Yes

Virgin Money                      £4.00                                                 £3.00                                                            No



My long term target prices for each of the above four stocks hasn’t actually changed, though I find myself in a frustrating, yet somewhat enviable position.  I can see opportunities to juggle the portfolio for example to sell Easyjet (EZJ)  and purchase more Virgin Money (VM.) Shares to seek out further capital gain, but that would reduce the yield on my portfolio. My initial purchase prices are yielding 5.6% even taking account of VM’s low yield. So, do I maintain dividend stability, or go for the potential 33% capital jump. I’ll have to ponder that.


Readers will also note that I have removed Shell and acquired GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) into my portfolio. This is on the back of my GSK research note and to diversify my portfolio away from sectors which are heavily influenced by oil prices, namely airlines and oil companies. With such a hefty portion of my portfolio in Easyjet, Shell had to go.


The research will start to flow again soon people. Keep checking back.




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